We’ll give you a fair go on your water filters

Don’t be stung by overseas companies who don’t deliver! Our ears pricked up earlier this week when a story appeared on Fair Go about an Australian company called TruWater – referred to as a bunch of ‘cowboys’ selling water filters and purifiers online to the New Zealand market – taking people’s money, not delivering [...]

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Who’s cooler than us?

We’ve expanded our business to include water cooler servicing and we are now providing specialised maintenance including filter changes to customers in North and West Auckland. Bruce Jordaan, one of our resident specialists, takes great pride in his work and isn’t afraid to let you know about the consequences of dirty filters. “Filters only [...]

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Character Profile – Bruce Jordaan

The All Pumps team just got a little bit cooler There are plenty of jokes about what goes on around the office water cooler, but it’s what happens inside your water cooler that Bruce Jordaan is concerned with. Bruce is a new recruit at All Pumps, having taken up his role as Pump Technician in [...]

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